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Experimental 2020 Ermitrage 500SK 1.0

A 3.0, but not the 3.0 you expect.

  1. Obamamixdude
    Hello people of BeamNG.

    This is both my first mod and automation car... ever. I present to you the Ermitrage 500SK. A 3.0 turbo inline-5 luxury sports sedan pushing 565HP @ 7500RPM and 566Nm @ 6900RPM (noice), with the redline being at 8000RPM flat.
    Front shot :
    Side shot :
    Rear shot :
    Engine power curve :
    General specs :

    Note : This is just an experiment of what I can do. There are major flaws that may appear. One that I'm aware of is the exhaust. It spits flames and crackles upon shifts and throttle release. I was dumb enough to add a straight through exhaust.

    Anyhow, enjoy my luxury experiment! :>
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