2020 Koyote Vektor 1.0

Koyotes new Variant of its compact car

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The new Vektor for 2020 has quite a few changes compared to the 2013-2019 Vektor.

    1. It has updated styling.
    2. No sedan anymore, Station Wagon will follow
    3. A new engine. ONE engine.

    Speaking of the new engine: The new engine is a 1174-1711ccm (variable displacement), turbocharged, 5V DOHC inline 3 made out of aluminium. It is mounted transvers, uses a 5/6 speed manual or a new 8 speed automatic to spin the front wheels and is really efficient. The goal i had was: Make a new 3 cylinder that is realistic etc, BUT make a good one. If you drove the car and say "hm, better than i was expecting from a 1.5l inline 3" than i've reached my goal.

    Please rate the car
    screenshot_2019-12-14_19-57-36.png screenshot_2019-12-14_19-57-45.png screenshot_2019-12-14_19-58-10.png screenshot_2019-12-14_20-01-25.png screenshot_2019-12-14_20-01-40.png screenshot_2019-12-14_20-01-58.png
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