2020 New York License Plates 1.0

Five new New York license plates under consideration for use in April 2020

  1. Lethalacid25
    On August 2019, a statewide survey was held to select the next New York new license plate design that will be available in April 2020. Voting may be over, but you can still have one of the new New York license plate designs on your car.

    Features and Things:
    -I added normal maps to the design though I'm not sure how the final product will look like.

    -There is a license plate number generator but goes beyond the standard ABC 1234 format

    -On most of the plates, "space" does not leave a blank spot but instead places a New York State icon. Dash still displays a dash mark.

    screenshot_2019-09-11_23-31-37.png screenshot_2019-09-11_23-32-40.png screenshot_2019-09-11_23-33-23.png screenshot_2019-09-11_23-33-57.png screenshot_2019-09-11_23-34-29.png
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