2021 Exige Shadow HO European Kei car 1..0

A European export kei car that does not need to fall within kei standards. 141 bhp/litre

  1. hellacat
    the Exige Shadow HO (high output) is a european export model of the standard japanese Exige Shadow. it is sold and marketed as a modern alternative to small classic european roadsters!

    it is the same as the top teir japanese model in terms of cosmetics but has alot more under the hood!

    to make it special for the european market the suspension and body were tuned by lotus, but the Zephyrus GDI 660cc engine (Zephyrus is exiges line of modern inline engines 3cyl to 6cyl) was overhauled with five valves per cylinder, stronger internals and a new lubrication system built for the new redline motorbike grade redline of 12000rpm. it makes 93hp and the new engine has a world record breaking 141 HP/Litre NA! this engine is mated to a 6 speed standard. and is more than enough to make a bike fan proud.

    alot of worry has come exiges way due to its power density and long term reliability. exige says that with its brand new lubrication design with over 50 oil nozzles and a factory oil cooler for top notch cooling and lubrication they say will allow the car to stay near its redline of 12000 for very long periods of time without unnecessary wear. they also back the car with a 60000km or 3 year warranty although it is recommended to change the oil only every 10000km if you do some occasional spirited driving. lower if you are an avid racer.

    almost the whole car is made out of aluminum and only weighs just above 700kilos. it has manual mirrors and windows, a light utilitarian interior but still has a small bluetooth sound system with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters.

    the car goes for a hefty 19799.00 euros with its sticky sport tires, lotus suspension, and 5 valve 93hp 660cc engine.


    screenshot_2020-07-26_06-22-00.png screenshot_2020-07-26_06-23-23.png screenshot_2020-07-26_06-24-22.png screenshot_2020-07-26_06-23-52.png

    a toothy exige salesman approaches you. you pretend you didnt see him and go back to ogling the new exige Shadow whilst hoping he doesn't talk to you. HI HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS AFTERNOON he blabbers. you are ready to tell the man that you are just looking but the sexy curves and seductive tail of the erotically designed new exige model is too much to handle. you drool and shout "i need to drive this car immediately". the next thing you know you are alone in the machine out on a local mountan road. you jam it down a gear and take off into the bends. its much slower than your wifes camry but that insane buzz of the engine laboring itself up to 12000 gets you going. it gets you going more than your wife, AND your kids. this is a whole new breed than that old fox body your brother drives occasionally and your z24 cavalier you mistreated in your teens. you tear into the curves as fast as you can handle. the car takes it in stride and pushes you to go faster. you haven't driven like this in years yet you feel as if you've mastered the art of driving. the car forgives all of your mistakes. as you push past 120kph on the downhill. you can hear the wind rushing by, the engine pushing you further and further and the dealer plate slapping against the rear. you feel the rush, you dont care anymore and now this car is you. the next bend you dont even bother breaking for. some may say its overconfidence or just plain stupidity, but the car tears through the corner without as much as a traction control light on the dash. your dealer plate tears off from the sheer force of the corner and the car screams beyond.
    you arrive back to the dealer. the dealers teeth have grown twice in size but you dont care. you instantly sell your wife and kids to the black market for this car and luckily this salesman takes toes for payment. years and years later you are now the top leader of a national street racing gang at the age of 47. noone can beat you and noone can break the link between you and your amazing exige.

    if the mods read through that whole thing to accept this i commend you
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