2021 Hirochi SBR4 Facelift 4.1

An eSBR-Based 2021 Facelift for the SBR4 with a Cabriolet and RHD!

  1. Theo Wilkinson
    This mod adds parts to the SBR4 that give the car a eSBR-Based 2021 model, Right Hand Drive for all SBR Versions, and a Convertible.
    Please report any bugs/ suggest things for me to do in the discussion, not on the reviews. Thankyou!

    Overall, it includes:
    - Colourable Vented Front Bumper
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-17-50.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-18-03.png
    - Colourable Rear Bumper With Exhaust Cutouts
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-27-11.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-27-24.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-27-41.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-27-47.png
    - Colourable Wingmirror
    - Headlight(s) with Colourable Trim
    - More Extreme Retractable Spoiler
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-25-28.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-25-33.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-25-37.png
    - Colourable Rear Light Trim
    - Rear Light Vents
    - Bonnet Vents
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-19-07.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-19-20.png
    - Fender Vents
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-22-39.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-22-59.png
    - 2021-Sized Screen
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-55-42.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-55-51.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-56-06.png
    - Right Hand Drive for all Versions: 2014 and 2021.
    screenshot_2021-07-26_11-15-07.png screenshot_2021-07-26_11-15-50.png screenshot_2021-07-26_11-16-57.png screenshot_2021-07-26_11-17-50.png
    - Cabriolet Body, boot and doors
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-47-30.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-47-41.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-49-26.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-49-53.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-50-03.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-50-31.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-22.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-41.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-49.png
    - Interior-Colour-Based Roof Colour
    Black and Blue
    Black and Red
    Brown and Tan
    Electro Blue
    Electro Green
    Electro Lime

    - Hillclimb Front Bumper
    screenshot_2021-07-04_14-03-06.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-03-14.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-03-37.png
    - Hillclimb Widebody
    screenshot_2021-07-04_14-04-04.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-04-14.png
    - Hillclimb Rear Bumper and Exhausts
    screenshot_2021-07-04_14-04-40.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-04-51.png
    - Hillclimb Lights (Simplified non-road legal.)
    screenshot_2021-07-04_14-03-48.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-05-13.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-05-23.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-04-27.png
    - Hillclimb Screen Fill Panel
    screenshot_2021-07-04_14-06-36.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-06-44.png
    Trim Levels:
    Base (LHD & RHD)
    2021_RWD_Base_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-36-46.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-37-23.png 2021_RWD_Base_DCT_RHD.png
    Base Cabriolet (LHD & RHD)
    2021_RWD_Base_DCT_Cabrio.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-16-49.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-19-53.png 2021_RWD_Base_M_Cabrio_RHD.png
    S (LHD & RHD)
    2021_AWD_S_DCT.png 2021_RWD_S_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-40-24.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-42-49.png
    2021_AWD_S_DCT_RHD.png 2021_RWD_S_M_RHD.png
    S Cabriolet (LHD & RHD)
    2021_AWD_S_DCT_Cabrio.png 2021_RWD_S_DCT_Cabrio.png
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-23-08.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-24-39.png
    2021_AWD_S_M_Cabrio_RHD.png 2021_RWD_S_DCT_Cabrio_RHD.png
    TT S (LHD & RHD)
    2021_AWD_TT_S_DCT.png 2021_RWD_TT_S_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-46-48.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-49-51.png 2021_AWD_TT_S_DCT_RHD.png 2021_RWD_TT_S_M_RHD.png
    TT S Cabriolet (LHD & RHD)
    2021_AWD_TT_S_DCT_Cabrio.png 2021_RWD_TT_S_DCT_Cabrio.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-33-03.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-35-23.png 2021_AWD_TT_S_M_Cabrio_RHD.png 2021_RWD_TT_S_DCT_Cabrio_RHD.png
    TT S2 (LHD & RHD)
    2021_AWD_TT_S2_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-54-36.png screenshot_2021-07-03_17-56-21.png 2021_AWD_TT_S2_DCT_RHD.png
    Hillclimb Special (RHD Only)
    2021_Hillclimb_Homologation_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-34-52.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-36-04.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-39-52.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-41-14.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-41-29.png
    Hillclimb (LHD Only)
    2021_Hillclimb_DCT.png screenshot_2021-07-04_13-55-31.png screenshot_2021-07-04_13-55-46.png screenshot_2021-07-04_13-57-47.png screenshot_2021-07-04_13-58-14.png screenshot_2021-07-04_13-59-12.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-19-15.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-20-59.png screenshot_2021-07-04_14-22-05.png

    To colour the trim, all you need to do is change the 3rd slot's colour.
    To use the car, it should show up in your Configuration list, as the same name but with 2021 in front.

    Credits to:
    @Finn Wilkinson and @szanto_sz For The Overall Help.
    BeamNG for the original SBR parts.
    @Stoat Muldoon and @gabester for the help in troubleshooting.
    @Car_Killer for the Showrooms map.
    @Jamie599 for the openable mod in some of the pictures.
    @JorgePinto for the British Numberplate in the mod pic.
    @DaddelZeit for the dealership background in the mod pic.
    @Nekkit For the JDM plates in the mod pic (from the Ibishu Chisai).


    Also here's a full res version of the old mod pic if anyone wants it, I'm really proud of it :)
    and here's the 2nd one:
    screenshot_2021-07-21_19-56-362.png screenshot_2021-07-21_19-56-36.png
    and here's the current one:
    screenshot_2021-07-26_11-54-482.png screenshot_2021-07-26_11-54-48.png

Recent Reviews

  1. grandturismo231323
    Version: 4.1
    Love it!
  2. aloominum
    Version: 4.1
    it has rhd
  3. CNloco4799
    Version: 4.1
    nice mod! i love how you used parts for the esbr! they make it look way better
  4. P_enta
    Version: 4.1
    Very good but the center display seems very disconnected from the rest of the dashboard design, I would rework that to make it look more like it’s meant to be there. Otherwise though this a really good mod.
  5. Can cars fly?
    Can cars fly?
    Version: 4.1
    Cool, but isn't this the e-sbr but with a gas engine and more features
    1. Theo Wilkinson
      Author's Response
      That's....... the point?
  6. Llevente
    Version: 4.1
    One of the bests
  7. BeamETKDriver
    Version: 4.1
    Great mod I hope to see more facelifts from you!
    1. Theo Wilkinson
      Author's Response
      Thank you! One is in the works ;)
  8. Finn Wilkinson
    Finn Wilkinson
    Version: 4.1
    Amazing. Just simply amazing. I honestly can't think of anything bad about the mod! Great job Theo!
    1. Theo Wilkinson
      Author's Response
      Thankyou so much, though it can’t be perfect haha :)
  9. wangyiming721
    Version: 4.1
  10. CineCrasher
    Version: 4.1
    excellent mod, especially for a first mod
    1. Theo Wilkinson
      Author's Response
      Awwh, Thankyou!
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