2021 Hirochi SBR4 Facelift 4.1

An eSBR-Based 2021 Facelift for the SBR4 with a Cabriolet and RHD!

  1. Configuration Upgrades/Changes

    Theo Wilkinson
    Another small update, in which I basically only changed the configurations' info.
    Remember, Clear Cache if any issues occur...
    - Added custom years;
    2022 - 2023 for the Hillclimb Sequential,
    2022 - 2024 for the Hillclimb DCT,
    2022 - 2022 for the Hillclimb Specials, and
    2021 - 2025 for every other configuration
    - Removed the pre-made numberplates
    - Added "This version also features an open soft top body style." to all Cabriolet variants.

    Just more polishing, that's it. Enjoy!
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