2021 Hirochi SBR4 Facelift 4.1

An eSBR-Based 2021 Facelift for the SBR4 with a Cabriolet and RHD!

  1. Feel The Wind In Your Hair!

    Theo Wilkinson
    Yet another Update to my SBR Facelift!
    Please Clear Cache after updating

    This update brings cabriolet variants and some other cool things:
    Cabriolet (All Trim Levels but the ones w/o rear seats).
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-23-08.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-35-23.png
    Boot with new hinges, a moved brake light and a changed hitbox.
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-47-30.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-47-41.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-49-26.png

    Doors without side windows.
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-50-31.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-22.png
    Black window bar with roof locks.
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-49.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-51-41.png
    And of course, a modified body with a open soft top and a customised hitbox.

    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-49-53.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-50-03.png
    The soft top also changes colour depending on the Interior.
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-53-40.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-54-00.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-54-20.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-54-39.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-54-51.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-55-10.png

    Minor Tweaks
    Added Custom German Numberplates to each version (and obviously updated all variants' thumbnails accordingly).
    2021_RWD_Base_DCT_Cabrio.png 2021_AWD_S_M_Cabrio.png
    Added glass to the screen, to give it a shinier finish.
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-55-42.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-55-51.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-56-06.png


    I will probably change up the Cabrio hitboxes in future updates, as it is never going to be perfect :)


    1. 2021_AWD_S_DCT_Cabrio.png
    2. 2021_AWD_TT_S_DCT_Cabrio.png
    3. 2021_AWD_TT_S_M_Cabrio.png
    4. 2021_RWD_Base_M_Cabrio.png
    5. 2021_RWD_S_DCT_Cabrio.png
    6. 2021_RWD_S_M_Cabrio.png
    7. 2021_RWD_TT_S_DCT_Cabrio.png
    8. 2021_RWD_TT_S_M_Cabrio.png
    9. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-16-49.png
    10. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-19-39.png
    11. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-19-53.png
    12. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-24-33.png
    13. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-24-39.png
    14. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-29-03.png
    15. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-29-26.png
    16. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-33-03.png
    17. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-39-34.png
    18. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-40-30.png
    19. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-42-09.png
    20. screenshot_2021-07-13_18-43-52.png
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