2021 Hirochi SBR4 Facelift 4.1

An eSBR-Based 2021 Facelift for the SBR4 with a Cabriolet and RHD!

  1. Convertible A-Pillar Tweaks

    Theo Wilkinson
    Small .1 update, just redid the A-Pillar on the Convertible.
    Changed the roof locks, and the A-Pillar ends.
    screenshot_2021-07-27_17-00-07.png screenshot_2021-07-27_17-00-18.png
  2. Right Hand Drive!

    Theo Wilkinson
    This is the 3rd major update to this mod, and it brings some JDM/UKDM to the SBR!
    Clear Cache if you have an invisible dashboard etc :)

    To not stuff peoples' SBR config lists, I decided to only do one RHD for each trim (1 convertible, 1 standard with varying transmissions) except the AWD TT S2 (to balance the list since it has no convertible) which has both and the Hillclimb Special which is RHD...
  3. Configuration Upgrades/Changes

    Theo Wilkinson
    Another small update, in which I basically only changed the configurations' info.
    Remember, Clear Cache if any issues occur...
    - Added custom years;
    2022 - 2023 for the Hillclimb Sequential,
    2022 - 2024 for the Hillclimb DCT,
    2022 - 2022 for the Hillclimb Specials, and
    2021 - 2025 for every other configuration
    - Removed the pre-made numberplates
    - Added "This version also features an open soft top body style." to all Cabriolet...
  4. Some minor tweaks to make your car run better.

    Theo Wilkinson
    Not a big update, so I'll keep it brief;
    Remember to clear cache if parts are invisible

    - Hillclimb Range Power Increase, from 790hp to 927hp (!)
    - Bonnet shading oddities fixed, finally!
    - Rear Reflectors re-done.
    - Right Fender vent inside changed body colour > black.
  5. Feel The Wind In Your Hair!

    Theo Wilkinson
    Yet another Update to my SBR Facelift!
    Please Clear Cache after updating

    This update brings cabriolet variants and some other cool things:
    Cabriolet (All Trim Levels but the ones w/o rear seats).
    screenshot_2021-07-13_18-23-08.png screenshot_2021-07-13_18-35-23.png
    Boot with new hinges, a...
  6. Minor Front Numberplate position fix

    Theo Wilkinson
    Just moved the numberplate down a tad due to it clipping through the bumper. That's it :)
  7. More Parts, Hillclimb and PBR!

    Theo Wilkinson
    This is the first update to this mod, and it includes a lot!
    The Hillclimb Rear Parts have the standard collision triangles, I'll try to give them custom hitboxes in the next update.

    Bonnet Vents (TT S/S2 only)
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-19-07.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-19-20.png
    Fender Vents (All Trims)
    screenshot_2021-07-03_18-22-39.png screenshot_2021-07-03_18-22-59.png
    Black-Backed bumpers for a plastic look...
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