Beta 2022 Hirochi CCF 2.1.0

A brand new, compact roadster. Currently Being Remastered.

  1. Huge changes, and a lot of bug fixes and edits.

    Theo Wilkinson
    Hello again!

    As the 2nd part of the 2.0 update, I'm bringing you guys 2.1.0, soon to be hopefully followed up by 2.1.1 with some @Kueso Manual gearbox edits on the Flat 4 versions. :)

    Here's what's in this update:

    - Cornering lights
    - Front spring overhaul
    - Front bumper now can fragment, and no longer has rigidifiers
    - Engbayvoidcover can now fragment
    - Bonnet jbeam overhaul (except nodes)
    - Fender (wing) jbeam overhaul (except nodes)
    - Bonnet...
  2. Huge amounts of redone stuff, and some new stuff on top of that!

    Theo Wilkinson
    For nearly a month, I've been working on a massive update for the CCF2, and it's finally here!

    screenshot_2022-01-28_21-27-47.png screenshot_2022-01-28_21-28-08.png
    screenshot_2022-01-28_21-28-55.png screenshot_2022-01-28_21-29-07.png screenshot_2022-01-28_21-29-35.png

    Here's The Changelog:

    - Interior warning stickers separated for better readability and to get rid of the awful low quality textures.
    - Full Body Panel retexture, with new door handle normals etc - Full internal retexture (excl. interior)...
  3. Bug Fixes, and the Off-Roadster

    Theo Wilkinson
    This is a small update to fix the many bugs you guys have mentioned, and add the off-roadster back :D

    - Added the ability to remove the sunvisors for the rollcages
    - Removed I6, and both I4s as they didnt work (especially the Diesel I4)
    - @Finn Wilkinson 's Off Roadster returns
    screenshot_2022-01-01_17-15-36.png screenshot_2022-01-01_17-15-47.png
    - Volume control labels flipped
    - AWD transfer case removed
    - Start exhaust fume issue sorted (it still isnt completely good...
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