2034 Moozda 3 GX-Air 1.0

The last and best ICE before the forced shift to hybrid and electric powertrains.

  1. Hawkins
    Presenting the all new Moozda 3 2034

    Featuring the coveted three cylinder 1.0L P0-VPX Airactive-X
    With a whopping combined fuel economy of 1.8L/100Km


    This is the most fuel efficient vehicle I could achieve in automation.

    The default 7-speed transmission wasn't efficient enough for our liking, hence why @gps_upgrader took it upon himself to create the 10-speed Eco+ trim, increasing the fuel economy even further, and especially at higher speeds.

    Don't be fooled by the displacement or the power values. It's 2034, there IS replacement for displacement. With a weight of 531Kg, it packs a serious punch when you need some power.

    You will find both the 7-speed and 10-speed trims within the vehicle selection, when opening the moozda's submenu.

    Photo6.png Photo7.png
    So here's the background story as to why this car exists:
    @gps_upgrader wanted to try a new idea with me. He gave me a list of 7 words that I had to make a car based off of. The words were "skyactiv-x", "1L", "2035", "europe", "turbo", "mazda", and "university". I was allowed to rule out one of the words from the list, so I decided to remove "europe". Considering this car has absolutely no safety features, it wouldn't be able to be sold in europe, hence why it's defined as a university project. The car has a turbocharged 1L inline 3, one year before 2035, when fuel-powered cars will be banned in a multitude of countries in the world. This meant I had to come up with the most fuel efficient engine to represent the peak of ICE engineering, taking out the most power out of the smallest amount of fuel possible, which seems like it is the current aim of Mazda's Skyactiv-X development. At first I wanted to rule out university and make it a car sold for the european market, but since I wanted to go all out and make it ridiculously overpriced and unsafe in the name of weight reduction, I decided to call it a university project by a student seeking to make the most efficient ICE-powered vehicle.

    Credits to @gps_upgrader for the original idea and the 10-speed transmission.
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