2088 Alumaximum Citizen 1.0

A compact city car inspired by vehicles from various 80's/90's science fiction movies

  1. RY4NDY
    (note: this was made before the open beta update which added actual transparent windows and 3d fixture placement; I could probably make it a lot better if I where to remake it in Automation's open beta with these new functions, but I decided to upload this version made in the older version of Automation instead)

    It isn't based of one particular vehicle, although it takes inspiration from vehicles from various 80's/90's science fiction movies, such as the ones in the movie "Total Recall".

    It comes in 3 variants, from left to right: HumanDrive Basic - HumanDrive Industial - RoboDrive Link.

    The HumanDrive Basic version is available in a variety of colors, all named after nature elements that sadly no longer exist in the future this thing comes from :p. The HumanDrive Industrial and RoboDrive link don't have such a large selection of colors available.

    HumanDrive Basic

    A basic 4 seater city commuter car; powered by a small I3 engine and with a top speed of 100 km/h, although you probably won't be able to go above 50 in the middle of the city anyway. Equipped with doors on both sides, and manual controls.

    HumanDrive Industrial

    2 seater version with a pickup bed and a tow hook meant for moving stuff around in factories and powerplants. Also has doors on both sides, and manual controls.

    RoboDrive Link

    A public transport version with 6 seats, and one door on the passenger side so people can get on/off safely. It should be self-driving, but in BeamNG the player of course still controls it. Also it should link together with multiple ones to form a long "train" of cars, but that again doesn't actually work in BeamNG.

    known bugs:
    1. Due to being made before the open beta update of Automation which added actual transparent windows, I had to make the windows of this thing out of fixtures and as a result of that the exporter thought they where "lights", so when you turn on the car's headlights the windows all start emitting light as well. But as long as you drive it during daytime it does look like it should; the brake lights and indicator lights don't have any issues. Also this issue isn't present on the HumanDrive Industrial version either, since that version doesn't have any windows.

    2. Because this body mod had so little weight it keps glitching out in BeamNG unless I put the rear suspension to maximum stiffness, so while it doesn't glitch out like this it did obviously ruin anything slightly resembling "good handling" it ever had. Not that that's too much of an issue if you're stuck in traffic anyways :p.
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