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Beta 3.0L Diesel Sound For Van (Gavril-H) 1.221

An authentic, 3.0L Diesel sound for the van to make it sound more...diesely? Yeah.

  1. Tronadorous

    A more diesel van sound for the van that i've created from a multitude of different resources. Recorded from a combination of audio from a 2.8 D 3.0L Toyota Hilux sound, with a bit of added rattle.

    Still WIP but in a state currently were it works, and IMO sounds, really nice and well suited to the Van!

    Coming up in future releases I'll have a more "Diesel Transit" sound from a Ford Transit, years ranging from 2003-2009 for that extra "UK white van man" racket!

    I won't just be focusing on Diesel sounds, I have plenty of variety coming up in the future.

    To hear the engine/select it correctly, load any Gavril-H, go to engine and select the "3.0L Diesel Engine" from the drop down and absolutely, if possible, use more with a Manual trans than a Auto.

    *If anyone feels like the want to contribute sounds from there own vehicles, please get in touch with details of what I require and your vehicle engine sound could well make it in game. See development thread for project vehicles i'm on the hunt for*

    Soon, I hope to have a Patreon page set up with exclusive behind the scenes stuff, how i do what I do, sample sounds and even rewards for those that contribute their own vehicle sounds for me to mod which is great way for me to give back to those generous contributions.


    - Another pass of reducing sample volume, fixing as many pops and crackles as possible and smoothing the band EVEN more. Final version.

    - QOL changes, see update notes, possibly final update (in moderation)

    - Better over rev sound, bit more treble added, lowered bass slighly

    1.0 - Initial Release

    Suggested Mods

    Coming soon, hope to make this work with the excellent "Customizable Engines and Drivetrains" by warkus for all your fiddling needs!


    - Video demo from rear/inside/bonnet:

    - Diesel Idle "rattle" test for current, or future mod:



    Version 1.22 (latest): https://mega.nz/#!aF83mbZb!d-9KNvIE0ZDGyVWdR5VUfp5F76Qwgh9JFnwWcotZHvc

    Feedback and Support

    Any issues, suggestions or otherwise please discuss!

    If you like what I do and feel like supporting me to create future, better and higher quality resources, consider donating via PayPal.

    (Emporeous Sounds is my main Steam name/business name if that makes it clearer)

Recent Reviews

  1. Cheekqo™
    Version: 1.221
    Sounds more like a Russian 3 cylinder 2 stroke Skoda engine to me... :)
  2. LeSpecialist01
    Version: 1.21
    love the sound alot!,,this could be a nice upgrade to the d15 pickup to !?:O
    Version: 1.2
    I like the sound! I think it sort of sounds like a small aircraft if you are far away from it although I am sure planes do not use I6 diesel engines. :p
  4. DD-Indeed
    Version: 1.2
    Putting this to the ambulance H-series makes the thing scream like an old Transit on a heavy uphill. Very good job.
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      I know right? Despite being a more modern engine I really do love the sound these samples generate in the long roads, up hill and racing, such good fun.
  5. Scrungo Bungo
    Scrungo Bungo
    Version: 1.2
    this mod is amazing but in need of a turbo
  6. eli and reece
    eli and reece
    Version: 1.2
    i like it! Maybe some turbos in the future?
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Yes indeed! I havn't played with engine data much yet but at least there are plenty of nice engines to use on these forums/repo. What I may do...is find a way to make it so whatever the engine data you have installed, if you have one of my sounds mods installed you can select it from a drop down no problem. Will have to look into this in the future.
    Version: 1.2
    Sounds really good!
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Cheers :).
  8. TheRustyRagdoll
    Version: 1.2
    This update drastically changed this mod... all i can say is: Congrats.
    You have managed to catch the H-Series' essence in this sound mod perfectly.
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      You reckon? Thanks :), I only made the transitions smoother and it sound a little less blaring and bit more trebly, every little helps i guess, many thanks :).
  9. Kiwinuk
    Version: 1.2
    Sooooooooooo good, Gotta add the 4.2 diesel 1hz or even the turbo 1hdt
  10. JeefCake
    Version: 1.2
    This would be cool to add to every Gavril Vehicle! Not just the H-Series

    plus this gives me eargasms
    1. Tronadorous
      Author's Response
      Many thanks :). That can be arranged this week for the most part. I am toying with plenty of sounds though, head over to my dev thread for details :).