3.5 million horsepower bus 1.0

Transport the whole extended family in speed and style.

  1. mr scania33
    Just your average 3.5 Million Horsepower bus. Use the Diff lock for easy drifting. Nos adds like another 500,000 horsepower so ~4 million HP with Nos.

    There are 2 other configs with 25,000HP and one with 100,000HP
    They are a bit more managable

    Requires RK's highly customizable engines mod

    - Don't accelerate too fast otherwise the wheels implode
    - The radiator is almost useless (don't full throttle for more than 5 secs)
    - At 1% throttle it reaches full boost
    - Can easily drift if you floor it and Diff locked.
    - Try the lower power configs first if you keep spinning out.

    It looks so innocent any passenger will get on without any hesitation apart from the V8 9 Liter behind their seat.


    1. EPICv21033806Hp.jpg
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