Beta 4.4L V8 engine for the ETK 800/K series 3.2

Adds a new V8 engine based on the 4.2L FSI V8 engine for the ETK 800/K series

  1. A few new content and a few fixes

    Hello all, I finally found some time to work on this mod so I added a bunch of new content and fixed some problems :

    - Added a new stage 2 twin turbocharger that makes a bit less than 800HP and 1100NM
    - Added a new "Ultra High Performance Radiator" to cool down this bad boy
    - Slightly reduced the strength of the stock long block to make it break when there's the stage 1 (or above) turbocharger selected
    - Greatly decreased the strength of the high rpm long block to make it break very...
  2. 0.23 Compatibility update + improvements

    New update here, not that much fresh new content but a lot of polish :

    - New drag config for ETK 800 using a new drag block and a stage 3 turbocharger producing 1150hp
    - New hillclimb config for the ETK K using the stage 1 turbocharger
    - New thumbnail for all the configs to make them use PBR
    - Changed the color of a few configs because PBR made some look ugly
    - Added the new 0.23 content to the configs (interior options, ect...)
    - Made some changes in the engine's sound of the high rpm V8
  3. The aesthetic update

    New update adding :
    - Big improvements on the engine's model, it now has better looking headers with turbo variants and a better intake (updated the pictures in the mod page)
    - Adjustements to the turbos, they are closer to twin turbochargers in their behavior and sound
    - Stage 1 turbo is slightly more powerful (650hp, +30hp)
    - A few bug fixes in the jbeam
  4. New V8 performance block + improvements

    New update here adding a few new contents, improvements in the exhaust's sound and bugfixes

    - Added a new naturally aspirated "high rpm long block" that can rev up to 8250rpm and produce 450hp
    - Added one new config both for the ETK 800 and K series using the new engine
    - Added the new induction system jbeam, the turbos can now be damaged/broken, even though there's no model for turbos/intercooler for now
    - Improved the headers and exhaust jbeam, now the exhaust's sound will change if you...
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