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Alpha ( 4.5L I6 HR ) High Power And Revving Engine Ibishu Hopper 0.1a

HR Type

  1. GoldChicken
    Mod comes with

    - Engine ( High Power And Revving Engine 4.5L I6 Engine ) @ 6050 RPM - 237 HP

    - Config ( HR Config )


    Pictures Below

    -( No Video Today )-

    Any suggestions, feel free to message.


    1. hr1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. FPSKoda4
    Version: 0.1a
    Not bad but it Crackles my headphones
    1. GoldChicken
      Author's Response
      Yeah I will try to find the problem
  2. Coverlos
    Version: 0.1a
    1. GoldChicken
      Author's Response
      NP, Thanks!
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