Beta 40's Dream 1.0

An old boat made in 1946

  1. DaddelZeit
    Yes, it's brakes are bad, the engine isn't the best and the design is a bit weird. But - Hey, you've an absolute boat of car here!

    Stats here:
    - 8.25L OHC V12
    - 209 hp @ 4000 rpm
    - 444 NM of torque @ 2000 rpm
    - 2-Speed Automatic
    - RWD
    - Galvanised Steel Space Frame Chassis
    - Double Wishbone in the front
    - Double Wishbone in the back

    Pictures here:

Recent Reviews

  1. coolgamer55
    Version: 1.0
    a v12 in the 40's they prob did'nt have v12 aside from that but awsome mod
    1. DaddelZeit
      Author's Response
      The V12 was the only engine that had nearly the needed Power. Thanks!
  2. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.0
    boaty mcCarface
    1. DaddelZeit
      Author's Response
      Yes, that is true.
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