Outdated 4G62 4cyl Sound Mod for the Older Pessima 1.0

All i can say is that is sounds perfectly on it.

  1. RustyRenesis
    This is a 4 Cylinder Engine Sound mod for the Older Pessima.
    I've done it simply because it fits the Pessima.

    To report problems or to give suggestions, please use the Discussion tab above!!

    This mod will most likely not work if you have a sound pack installed.
    TO FIX THIS: (Open the Sound packĀ“s zip and backup/delete the "pessima" folder, or simply deactivate)

    To Do >>>>>>
    - Maybe make it louder?
    - Add a limiter bang sound.

    Preview Video by me here, also forgot to up the volume again, fml.

    The sounds are of my own authorship.
    (Conversion/Editing and Recording)

    I still have more sounds in the works which will be posted in the future.
    If you have anything to ask me in private, go ahead and throw me a PM:D
    f you liked it and have anything to comment about the mod, do it below!!:D

Recent Reviews

  1. Standard
    Version: 1.0
    Sounds kinda like the car sounds from Gmod's Scars, yet still really nice.
    1. RustyRenesis
      Author's Response
      I actually don't know about that car pack on GMOD... i only use symphys, as it's more customizeable.
      But thanks!
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