Beta 4x4 Off-road Dry Dirt Race 0.7

Fun circle pattern dry dirt track

  1. Offroading drive
    This is a fun simple, Dry Dirt, with a little rock section course.
    The rock section I can go through 40mph with no front diff, My top speed in this map is 140mph

    Auto download: Just hit subscribe

    Manual download: Download Zip, than put in beam ng mods folder

    If you find any bugs DM me on discord: CurrentlyOffline#4750


    1. image_2021-10-18_212330.png
    2. image_2021-10-18_212343.png
    3. image_2021-10-18_212355.png
    4. image_2021-10-18_212407.png
    5. image_2021-11-03_153752.png

Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: 0.5
    My speed through rock section: 45mph
    top speed reached on map: 168mph
    Car used: customised d-series with offroad frame
    my opinion about map: Looks simple, but beeing simple is something most maps lack. its quite fun.

    rating: 5/5
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