Experimental 50 PSI Turbocharger for Cherrier FCV 2.0 diesel 1.4

Features : "I4 2.0 Tuned Diesel Engine", variable boost turbocharger (12-50 PSI), ajustable ECU.

  1. Engine mounts fix + tweaked turbo jbeam

    Hugo Saini
    Engine mounts added and tweaked ajustable boost turbo jbeam to go up to 50psi (previously 45).
  2. "Loud Exhaust" update and fixes

    Hugo Saini
    The "Loud exhaust" does now work and the missing black smoke bug has been fixed. Hope you'll enjoy it !
    If you'd like to see anything new to this mod or if you spotted a bug feel free to tell me ;)
  3. Bigger Turbo

    Hugo Saini
    This update finally adds the bigger turbo I've been struggling with for 3 days, that means that the variable boost turbocharger is now physically bigger !
  4. "Invisible air filter" bug fix

    Hugo Saini
    Just a tiny little update that fixes the invisible air filter issue !
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