Experimental 700cc and 900cc Autobello Engines 1.0

For when you want an even SLOWER Piccolina

  1. DriftinCovet1987
    Do you have issues controlling the Piccolina?

    Have you ever wanted to experience BeamNG at the speed of molasses?

    Have you ever wanted to struggle even more to get a Piccolina up a hill?

    Are you tired of having too much horsepower in your '60s Italian city car?

    Well, thanks to the wonders of slapping code toge—I mean modding, you now can experience what it was truly like to be a pleb in '60s Italy. At least in terms of horsepower.

    After being frustrated with the current overpowered engines in the Piccolina (and seeing that many others were frustrated with the overpowered engines, too), I decided to make this little thing from copying and pasting dev code and pics and hastily editing things.

    What it’s like to drive:

    Especially with the base 700cc engine, slow. You will be left behind by a stock Autobello of equivalent spec. Sure, you can tune the engines to make decent power, but they’ll always be less powerful than a similar stock engine. If you are looking for a high-power engine mod, you won’t find it here.

    What this mod includes:

    Autobelli 700cc F4 Engine: (standard) 26 hp, 50 lb-ft of torque, 5850 RPM redline, 67 mph top speed, 33 seconds to 60 (in the Autobelli 70).

    Autobelli 900cc F4 Engine: (standard) 32 hp, 60 lb-ft of torque, 5450 RPM redline, 75 mph top speed, 23 seconds to 60 (in the Autobelli 90).

    These engines also have the full list of tuning parts (literally the standard bits slapped in), allowing you to tune them up just like any other Autobello engine.

    This also means that you can quickly take, say, a 150 Corse Autobello, stick the 900cc engine in that, and get a 67-horsepower sporty sedan. Or stick the 700cc engine in the Baja if you're having issues with the 1.5.

    This mod also includes:

    Three configs (all of which are the same as their equivalent stock configs, save for the engine):

    Autobelli 70:

    Autobelli 90:

    Autobelli 90 B Sport:

    I will warn you again: Your Autobello with an Autobelli engine WILL BE SLOW. Especially with the base 700cc engine.

    And I ain't makin' it faster. If you have a problem with the cars being so slow, there’s the stock Autobello engines and a million power mods you can use.


    @Alex_Farmer557 for pointing out my mod packing issues

    @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL for the Autobelli name

    BeamNG Devs: Most of the code, the base pictures and configs, etc.

    Ya Boi Driftin: Hastily slapping together this thing

    I’m totally fine if you use it in your own mods; just credit me for the engines with @DriftinCovet1987 and link back to this mod.

    That means you, too, World of Mods and associates. I know you’ll reupload it, anyway.

Recent Reviews

  1. Asusvivogamer
    Version: 1.0
    the 700 cc engine is like indian version of piccolina
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