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Outdated 88 Pessima and ETK I Twotone pack. 1.5

Two colours are better than one.

  1. ktheminecraftfan
    This mod pack adds 16 new skins to the 80s pessima and ETK I series with more to come.

    screenshot_00224.png screenshot_00222.png screenshot_00223.png screenshot_00230.png screenshot_00231.png screenshot_00011.png
    screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png

    I'm open for suggestions as long as they aren't silly.

    OK so I am guessing you clicked this because you wanted to make your own colour combination for some reason, since I am a nice person I thought I shall tell you how.

    STEP 1
    unpack the mod like so:

    STEP 2
    locate and find files like so:
    step 3.png
    STEP 3
    change name of file to reduce clashing:
    step 4.png

    STEP 4
    pimp it out:
    step 5.png
    * play around with these sliders to get the colour you want

    STEP 5
    well just copy these lines of code (and edit the top name and global skin):
    step 6.png

    STEP 6
    and again with these files in materials
    step 7.png
    Hopefully you get the picture. You can just read this if you are stuck with this part.

    and enjoy
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Recent Reviews

  1. yonker_jr
    Version: 1.5
    this is a must have mod if you like two tone cars
  2. sergiopt04
    Version: 1.2
    Its great, i think it makes the pessima more handsome and preety, but could you make one in black and red with some racing stripes and add jt to the GTz version
  3. spacekiller67
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks ! Nice to see the Pessima like that
  4. BrynCoops
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, clean, and simple yet strangely eye catching. A black and gold (gold being the lower half) would be good though.
    1. ktheminecraftfan
      Author's Response
      I will do that since I already did a white/gold combo
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