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'96 Dodger Viper GTS 1.0

A Dodge Viper GTS replica! The true american Sports-car! (Features over 30 detachable parts!)

  1. Inline6lover26
    This is a car that stands out from the rest!

    What would you expect? It's a Fast, Nimble, and Fun machine to drive. Powered by a HUGE M-EFI 8.0L OHC Aluminum-Alloy V10 engine derived from a truck, With 450HP and monster Torque at the Lowest RPMs, and it's also RWD. So... if you suck at driving (Like me) ESC is your best friend!

    This car was designed to compete with the Corvette and other affordable sport-cars above 300HP.

    HighresScreenshot00003.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00005.png HighresScreenshot00006.png HighresScreenshot00007.png

    High-Detailing everywhere you look!

    Performance Stats:
    Horsepower: 450HP @ 5800RPM
    Torque: 673Nm @ 3600RPM
    Weight: 1648kgs
    0-100: 4.20 Seconds
    Top Speed: 290Km/h
    Redline: 6000RPM

    (Viper V10) M-EFI 8.0L OHC 20v Alluminum-Alloy V10
    All-Around Double Wishbone Suspension
    (FR) Front Engine RWD layout
    Plenty of detachable parts!
    6 Speed Manual Transmission

    High-Quality Sport Tyres (For extra grip)

    HighresScreenshot00008.png HighresScreenshot00009.png HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00011.png HighresScreenshot00013.png
    (Quick over-view of the fixtures)

    Anyways, Enjoy your new Viper!:D

    Leave a Rating if you enjoyed this replica. (I spend lots of time on making it, and i would appreciatte that!)

    As always, Any suggestions are accepted!


    1. HighresScreenshot00012.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 1.0
    It would deserve an extra star ;)
    I never knew you could build a viper with the existing bodies in Automation
    1. Inline6lover26
      Author's Response
      Heheheh, Thanks for the kind words :D! Possibly i am going to make an ACR version of it, Painted in red :P.

      (If you are curious of what body i used, it was a 2010 Miata-ish bodyshell. It was closer to a viper than any other bodyshell i could find on the menu. :P)
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