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Beta '98 Pessima Tuning Parts 1.2

A set of performance parts for the melty midsize. Now with more configs!

  1. First livery, woo

    This is a small update, but a big step for the development of this mod. I added two new parts, a CVT transmission with adjustable lock RPM (based on Sunburst code, doesn't like Terrazi engine; also yes, I know @AdamB (my sorta mentor btw) already made a CVT for the midsize but that was lightyears ago) and a simple, colorable twin stripe livery. Enjoy!


    1. screenshot_2020-08-23_19-23-03.png
  2. smol update

    Removed 20LB nitrous bottle, moving it to a different mod. Don't worry, it'll be compatible with already created configs.
  3. New configs, plus some fixes

    This slightly bigger update adds three new configs, again with full info files, making this mod kind of a config pack now :p. Also fixed some bugs and added a few parts. There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with previous versions, but I recommend cleaning cache just in case.
    • Added three new configs
    • Added 6-speed sequential transmission based on Mk1 Pessima's and Covet's code
    • Added lowerable struts (pretty rough, better for static/show/ricer...
  4. New engine, and actual models! (well, kinda)

    This update adds a 2.4 DOHC TVC I4 sourced from the Terrazi Pienji. yes, it's supposed to be a lore friendly K24. Makes about 220 HP stock, and goes up to an eargasmic 9000 RPM with the custom block and ECU. Also added a 20lb nitrous bottle, finally giving this mod an actual modeled part! (well, sorta) Have some pics, anyway:


    1. 20200809124215_1.jpg
    2. 20200809124225_1.jpg
    3. screenshot_2020-08-09_12-41-33.png
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