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Configs that you didn't know you wanted...

  1. bmwcrazy456
    This is the Configuration Pack of all Configuration Packs, with configurations you never knew you wanted, including the eSBR Tow Package and eSBR value pack. Do you have an idea? Let me know in the "Discussions" tab!
    NOTE: There are only 4 configs in v. 0.1. I wanted to get this onto the repository, there should be an update soon after release!!

    Known Issues:


    Latest Update Changelog:
    Fixed Thumbnail Issue*
    *Awaiting approval...

    a) Inside Repository: Click the "+" button
    b) On BeamNG.com/resources: Download, and copy/paste into the BeamNG Mods folder OR click SUBSCRIBE.

    e500 Midnight Edition
    e300 Trailer Tow Package
    e500 Trailer Tow Package
    e800 Trailer Tow Package
    e300 Value Package

    Update 0.2 is going to be focused on racing... we're going to be seeing some new race cars (Primarily project cars)!


    Released - Green
    Next Update - Blue (b/c yellow was too hard to read)
    Planned - Red
    Possible - Pink

    Midnight Edition
    e300, 500, 800 Towing Package
    e300 Value Package

    Gas Variants of eSBR

Recent Reviews

    Version: Configurationsx3 v.0.1.1
    Okay, I like the idea, but I expect some more big changes on these configs, for instance, I don't really like putting the sunburst wheels onto the sbr4, maybe you can change some more parts so it stands out better.
    Hope these suggestions help.
    1. bmwcrazy456
      Author's Response
      This was my first mod, just testing the waters a bit. I'll try to be more expansive in the future, though!
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