Actus Cherry 2018 1.0

Inspired by Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2

  1. primo3001
    Actus Cherry 2018 in two versions!


    Standard version is equipped with 3.7 V6. engine that generates 283 HP, and 333 Nm. It weights 2276 kg. It is 4x4 with option to lock diff. 8 gears automatic transmission. It can drive something around 210 km/h.
    But if you need something more exciteing, there is also special version As allways, there is also the "X" version!

    Actus Cherry 2018 X "RoadEagle"

    version of new Cherry is equipped with turbocharged 6.2 V8 engine that generates 707 HP and 875 Nm of torque. It weights 2440 kg. It is AWD sport car. It wont be that good off road. Top speed is 300 km/h, possible even faster. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,2 s!
    But that's not all!
    "X" version is also equipped with 8 gears Automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, TC and sport suspension.

    Both cars are very detailed and balanced. I took specs from original cars, so this crazy 6.2 V8 engine is realistic. Things like size of the wheels or gear ratio are taken from original too, but there are still few things I made little bit different. I hope you will like it. Check my other mods like American Road map or Actus Photon. Have fun!

    On this photo, all Automation cars made by me :D


    1. screenshot_00012.png
    2. screenshot_00013.png
    3. screenshot_00014.png
    4. screenshot_00015.png
    5. screenshot_00016.png
    6. screenshot_00017.png
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    9. screenshot_00020.png
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  1. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.0
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