Experimental Ambulance Rescue Pack 0.1

Important gear for your medical mission.

  1. HighBeam9000
    What's in the Ambulance Rescue Pack?
    • Drift Ambulance Configurations
      • D45 and H45 variants
      • Plenty of power
      • AWD
      • All stock parts except for a new super duper radiator, which can also be used in any D or H series. This ridiculously efficient radiator is necessary to prevent thermal engine damage after 10-15 seconds at full throttle.
      • A camera is installed in the patient compartment to monitor the patient (watch the gurney bounce around). The camera starts off facing the wall. Rotate it around just like the hood camera.
    • Modified Ambulance Gurney
      • Can be rigged to jettison from ambulance (requires Stunt Mortar).
    • Ambulance Patient (crash test dummy)
      • Can be secured to the modified gurney.
      • Spawn with ambulance or by itself.
    How do I use this pack?
    1. Download the Ambulance Rescue Pack (this mod).
    2. Optional: Download the Stunt Mortar to enable gurney jettison action.
    3. Spawn the Drift Ambulance (D45 or H45).
    4. Spawn an ambulance patient:
      1. To spawn the standalone patient, select the "Ambulance Patient" from the Vehicles screen.
      2. To spawn the Ambulance Patient as part of the ambulance:
        1. Go to the Vehicle Configuration screen for the Drift Ambulance.
        2. Select the Parts list.
        3. Expand the parts list until the Ambulance Dummy Gurney is visible.
        4. Expand the Ambulance Dummy Gurney so that its "Preloaded Occupant" subcomponent is visible.
        5. Select "Ambulance Patient" for the Preloaded Occupant.
    5. Secure the patient to the gurney. The patient is secured to the gurney using couplers; the same way trailers are connected to tow vehicles. See Figure 1, below. By default, the 'L' key connects and disconnects couplers.
      1. If the patient is spawned as part of the ambulance, the patient will appear on the gurney in the back of the ambulance. Simply wait a few seconds, then connect the couplers.
      2. If the patient is spawned as a standalone object:
        1. Pull the gurney out of the ambulance and set it on the ground. Make sure it doesn't flip over.
        2. Use the node grabber to suspend the patient just above the gurney. Be sure the patient and gurney are correctly aligned.
        3. Connect the couplers. The patient and gurney will snap together.
        4. Load the gurney with patient attached back into the ambulance.
    6. Drive fast to the hospital. Mash the throttle to drive sideways around corners.
    7. If the Stunt Mortar is loaded, activate it to jettison the gurney from the back of the ambulance, with the patient attached. See Figure 2, below.
    8. Press the 'L' key again to release the patient from the gurney mid-flight.
    What kind of mischief can I get into with this pack?
    THIS VIDEO demonstrates some common ambulance shenanigans.

    Figure 1: Patient and Gurney Couplers

    Figure 2: Gurney Jettison

    Future Plans
    • Once I figure out how to make it work, I'll be including a tool like the Jaws of Life. The player will select one node on a vehicle, then another node. The Jaws will apply whatever force is necessary (up to a reasonable maximum) in order to move the selected nodes further apart or closer together. Some kind of hydraulic sound will accompany the device action.
    Known Issues
    Every once in a long while, when in the midst of attaching the patient to the gurney, something might explode in one of two ways:
    1. If the patient was spawned as part of the ambulance, the explosion might take the form of an instability that BeamNG catches and pauses the physics.
    2. If the patient was spawned as a standalone object, then the explosion might take down the whole game, which will exit with a fault message.
    These explosions might happen because the couplers are trying to pull together, and one or more of the patient's limbs might be trying to bend past its limit. It's difficult to say. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often.

    Permission to Use
    I obtained permission to use a copy of B25Mitch's Crash Test Dummy for this mod. Proof:

    Special Thanks
    • Special thanks goes to Agent_Y for suggesting the use of couplers to secure the dummy to the gurney. It worked so very well.
    • Special thanks goes to angelo234 for saving me a lot of time. I was looking for a specific Lua function for a while. Angelo234 informed me such a function doesn't exist. I would have continued looking in vain for a much longer time.

Recent Reviews

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    bluebuck wagon - ambulance maybe?
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    Version: 0.1
    This looks quite interesting. Will definitely try it!
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