Beta American/ V8/ Street Machine 1.4

454 ci V8 Real world 8.5:1 compression "71" SS

  1. Matt Cook
    A realistic RWD V8 454 classic American muscle car, with cast iron heads, pushrod valves, and a manual 4 speed/
    (Manual transmission mode, and pressure sensitive controls recommended.)

    A powerful, realistic, and balanced classic American muscle car/
    Real world displacement, bore/stroke, and compression ratio
    Good RWD handling
    Active spoiler with downforce/
    Simulation performance.


    1. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180809-08394952.png
    2. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180809-08395902.png
    3. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180809-08400285.png
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