Anarchy, Artimis 2.0

V16 Engined Professional Drift Car

  1. Halcyon80
    The Artimis, a VERY high powered drifting beast.
    Rebuilt from the ground up, It has now became one of the most potent showcase vehicles known to the world.
    With nearly 2k Horsepower going to all 4 wheels, the power rests within your hands,
    or feet I guess.
    Precisely tuned to be controllable using any steering device, from a sim wheel, to even a standard keyboard. Either way, you'd make the crowd go wild with your exhibition of reckless shenanigans.
    Though all this sounds great and all, keep in mind that the engine WILL attempt to kill you if you get too cocky... Just a little heads up for any overconfident show-offs out there.
    Oh yeah, and It's engine is big enough to hold a bachelor party's worth of drinks, just for reference.

    Ex Animo

    Detailed Stats:

    1,947 Bhp @9,800 Rpm
    1,288 lb-ft Torque @7,100 Rpm
    Power-To-Weight Ratio: 0.944
    13 litre Naturally Aspirated V16
    11,000 Rpm Redline

    Front-Engine Longitudinal AWD
    20 / 80 Power Split %
    Transmission: 6 Gear Manual

    257 Mph Top Speed (414 Kph)

    0-62: 2 seconds

    3,104 lbs (Unoccupied Weight)
    ~2,200 lbs Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: ~95ft


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  1. Complete Revamp

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  1. G-Farce
    Version: 2.0
    This is as insane as it looks.
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