Anarchy, Badger 1.0

A Highly Detailed Race-Class Gokart

  1. Halcyon80
    The Successor to the Rascal, Meet the Badger, A bonefied Racing Go-kart!

    The second ever Anarchy go-kart to be made, the Badger is better than it's little brother in every way. It's statistically realistic, highly detailed, and precision tuned to the point where it's pretty much like a mini F1 car!
    Apart from the fact that it's better than it's sibling, and the fact that this is one of the few actually affordable Anarchy vehicles to date,
    it also shares a key feature from even our million dollar vehicles, it can kill you almost instantly! What a deal!?
    But if you don't end up dying from a hard crash, you'd probably wish you had, because the fuel tank is riiiight next to your crotch, so... Yeah...
    realism, wooo...

    But putting aside the possibility of it turning into a crotch fryer, you'll have tons of fun driving this around the track, with either the Shifter variant, or the Single-geared one. And no, it has no speedometer, only a rpm and boost guage, that's all you need, right?

    Time to bring out the child in you.



    Detailed Stats:

    Engine: Brawler Turbo 150cc

    150cc Single-Turbocharged Twin-Boxer
    28 Bhp @ 9,700 Rpm
    16 lb-ft Torque @ 9,500 Rpm
    10,200 Rpm
    3.7 PSI Boost

    Single Version:

    1 Geared Direct-Drive
    65 Mph Top Speed (104 Kph) (Limited By Gear)
    0-60: 6 seconds

    Shifter Version:

    6 Geared Race Sequential
    106 Mph Top Speed (170 Kph)
    0-60: 4.5 seconds

    233 lbs / 106 Kg Weight

    ~95 lbs / 44 Kg Downforce (Max Speed)
    -Rear-Engine Transverse

    -50 / 50 Weight Distribution
    -Locked Rear Differential
    -62-0: ~40ft

    Additional Features:
    -Animated Mechanical Fan cooling System (Engine speed affects cooling ability)

    -Working RPM and Boost Guage
    -Working Steering wheel
    -Ignition Switch
    -Working Handbrake and Headlight Switch
    -Working Pedals
    -Working Sequential Shift Stick
    -First-Person Camera
    -Additional Sound Effects
    -27 Paint Options
    $6,000 to $7,000 Retail Price


    1. screenshot_2022-02-20_13-14-18.png
    2. screenshot_2022-02-20_13-15-58.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Yoschmokes
    Version: 1.0
    goodamn this kart izgood
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