Anarchy, Viper RX-3 1.0

Race-Class Supercar with a CVT and a Special Mod

  1. Halcyon80
    Venomous, Toxic, Deadly

    Just a few words to describe the Viper, the latest vehicle in the RX series.
    Lots of power, lots of traction. The Viper is the race car of choice for beginners and pros alike.
    With a huge roaring Boxer engine in the center of the madness, you'll be heard above all the competition. With the neon-green highlights, you'll be the brightest star on the track. And with the huge carbon wing strapped to your posterior, you'll disrupt the airflow of all whom dare travel behind you.
    Included with this beast of a machine, is a CVT transmission. It has no gears, and always keeps the RPMs at the optimal level, no matter what the car's doing. Or if you'd rather go old school,
    (and avoid the very odd sound the CVT tortures your ears with) you can also pick a 6 speed adjustable DCT.

    Not only that, but due to the Select-Drive transfer case, you can pick between RWD and AWD on the go!

    And last but certainly not least, It is the first car to introduce TheCrySick's new mod, that will revolutionize automation cars forever!

    This mod gives you the ability to add advanced Beamng modifications to your stock automation car very quick and easily!

    All you have to do is download his mod (Link down below) and you'll have access to dozens of customizable gearboxes, superchargers, turbochargers, and more, as well as an legit Interior camera, that's all compatible with every car in the game!

    Heck, download the mod and try it out on this very car, If there's one thing I can assure you, is you won't be disappointed.

    Ex Animo

    TheCrySick's Mod:

    Detailed Stats:
    -First Person Camera Enabled-

    -Adjustable Camera and DCT gear ratios-
    (Badges can appear as squares due to exporter glitch)
    Keep In mind the CVT is still in Prototype

    Engine: ECHO MK1.8

    6.1 liter Naturally Aspirated Boxer 6

    (No Rev Limiter)
    9,600 Rpm Redline (Recommended)

    Up to 10,300 Rpm
    955 Bhp
    630 lb-ft Torque

    Mid-Engine Transverse Layout

    Advanced 1 Geared CVT

    6 Geared DCT

    Select-Drive Drivetrain:
    80/20 Power Split AWD

    262 Mph Top Speed (421 Kph)

    Dual Clutch 0-60 Time:
    2 seconds (AWD)
    2.5 seconds (RWD)

    Continuously Variable Transmission 0-60 Time:

    1.8 seconds (AWD)
    2 seconds (RWD)

    2,236 lbs/1,014 kg (Ingame Weight)
    ~3,200 lbs/1,043kg Downforce (Max Speed)
    62-0: ~70ft (Ingame)


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Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDig
    Version: 1.0
    Hello. I tested this car i=on several tracks and this is my conclusion about this car:
    CVT version (DVT indeed) feels weird to drive, especially when you reach max speed it starts pulling right slowly. CVT also weird, because of it's weird handling, so it feels stiff, but not stiff at the same time, especially when you press gas. Breaking and pushing gas is not recommended, because it can explode car engine. Also it wants to jump when you press gas while turning, but it can do turns well on the only gas pressed. I recommend driving this car only on steering wheel.

    Everything about this car is great, except description about adding new mods for any car is a lie. If only it wasn't fixed after some few updates before I testing this car.
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the detailed review. For the record though, Cry's mod actually does add new parts for any automation vehicle, and still works even after the big update.
  2. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.0
    An awesome car, like always ;)
    1. Halcyon80
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, and great mod btw ;D
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