Outdated Anta Cab 1.0

canceled automation mod

  1. josh.iguess
    [Mod may no longer work properly, I will keep it available for download, but I do not recommend downloading, as this mod is simply awful.]

    (Note: The default model year in Automation is 2012, and I forgot to change it. This car is actually from 2006) 7.png 7.png

    I'll soon be uploading the convertible, wagon, hatchback and sedan versions of the cab. [Mod is no longer being updated. All other variants of this vehicle except for the standard hatchback have been canceled and will no longer be made.]


    1. 8.png
    2. Capture.png
    3. Capture1.png
    4. Capture2.png
    5. Capture3.png
    6. Capture4.png
    7. Capture5.png
    8. Capture6.png

Recent Reviews

  1. cob4lt974
    Version: 1.0
    one word, BAD.
    too simple, looks like 10 years old made,
    put more time at your works, took inspire from real life cars, that will definitly increase your mod quality.
    also lack of important info(prod. year, performance stats). you should add them next time, and post these photos in your mod page not on imgur
    1. josh.iguess
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the constructive criticism. However I am not going to blatantly copy real life automobiles. I've updated the page, now.
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