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Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.3

The Spiritual Successor of DPMP.

  1. Update 0.1.2 : "The Owl is back!"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.1.2: "The Owl Is Back"

    In this small update two new configs are added, one is the good old rally Civetta featured in the DPMP, the other is the same config but in tarmac spec

    Civetta Bolide 390 GTR Rally - Gravel:
    A Bolide inspired by the 037 Olio Fiat, rally suspensions, mudflaps, roll cage, auxiliary lights and lightweight doors are added. This config has gravel tires and an higher ground clearance
    Civetta Bolide 390 GTR Rally - Tarmac:

    The same config as the other one, this one has stiffer suspensions and road tires, livery inspired by the Alitalia Stratos

    This update contains also:
    • Two skins for the Bolide
    • All the old rally parts from DPMP
    • New V10 Model for the D-Series, for now it has a material error for the headers, hotfix soonly expected
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