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Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.3

The Spiritual Successor of DPMP.

  1. Update 0.1.0: "The Revenge Of The V10"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.1.0: "The Revenge Of The V10"

    First release of the mod, this update brings to you a new engine for the D-Series in three variants:

    Gavril D15 V10 Sport:
    Stock version, 380 HP, 4 Speed Automatic
    Gavril D15 V10 Supercharged:
    Supercharged version of the stock V10, 600 HP, 6 Speed Manual
    Gavril D25 V10 Crew Cab Super Wagon:
    Crew Cab offroader inspired by the Dodge Ram Power Wagon, 380 HP, 4 Speed Automatic

    This update contains also:
    • V10 Engine with an optional supercharged version
    • 6 Speed Manual Transmission tuned for the V10
    • Body coloured wide fenders
    • Custom Spoiler and Front lip
    • Two skins for the Supercharged and the Super Wagon
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