Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.2

The Spiritual Successor of DPMP.

  1. Update 0.2.0: "High Revs"

    Apex Expansion Pack 0.2.0: "High Revs"

    This update features another comeback, HR-Tec has become i-TEC, in order to give continuity between mine and Ninetynine mods, this update contains 4 new configs:

    Ibishu Covet 2.0 i-TEC R-Type:
    Stock Covet with a 180 HP engine, maximum revs set to 9000 RPM
    Ibishu Covet 2.0 i-TEC Spark Sports:
    Tuned road Covet, 225 HP engine screaming up to 11000 rpm, inspired by Spoon Sports
    Ibishu Covet i-TEC Race Car:
    Race car with the stock 180 HP engine, not that much power but still pretty fun, inspired by the famous Motul Mugen Civic
    Ibishu Covet Spark Sports Race Car:
    Spoon Sports race cars inspired Covet

    This update contains also:
    • 4 skins for the Covet
    • 2 Custom body with gauges for both stock and spark engines
    • 2 Engines, a 180 HP Stock one and a 225 HP tuned one
    • A new debadged rear fascia for the Covet
    • Update for the V10 D-Series Supercharged skin, default colours also have changed on some trucks
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