Alpha Aresto Sl-r 1.0

Modern Sport Sedan with N/A V10 engine reving up to 9000 Rpm

  1. fish341

    Photo8_1920-1080.png Photo9_1920-1080.png Photo10_1920-1080.png

    This is a better version of the BMW e60 M5, Since it is lighter, cheaper, more reliable, and handles much better. Also, it's not ugly, as Top gear previous journalist Jeremy would often say.

    It has an N/A v10 capable of 500 hp at around 9000 RPM, multi link suspensions, suspension is stiff enough, so it doesn't break its passenger's back.

    It's a 4 door saloon, yet it's not heavy at all, a unique design, and an engine sound that sounds like angels crying.

    Hope on the new Aresto Sl-r and rest assured, with all the technology on board, you will have one of your best driving experiences.
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