Alpha Argentinian Car Pack Empanadas

Bring the Mate please

    Well, here you have the Argentinian car pack with 6 renamed vehicles. Some of them come with Stanced variants. (no springs, xD)
    Fait 147 Spacio: I should say that everyday you find like 5 of this little boys around the whole country, it's small, cheap and a bit fast.
    screenshot_2019-04-26_13-24-27.png screenshot_2019-04-26_13-24-38.png
    Fait 128: One of the most comfortable cars in the 70's, even being small, it also is pretty agile and it was very reliable.
    screenshot_2019-04-23_15-15-40.png screenshot_2019-04-23_15-18-56.png
    Default Fire GTA: A sport variant of one of the fastest coupe in the market, the driving is nice and aesthetic and it feels awesome at driving it to any type of road.
    screenshot_2019-04-22_16-57-21.png screenshot_2019-04-22_16-57-35.png screenshot_2019-04-22_16-58-03.png screenshot_2019-04-22_17-05-21.png
    Default Twelve TL: A French sedan with a few modifications made for this market. Another car that is very common in the country because the reliability.
    ICA/Default Torino 380: An historic sport car that marked the history of the Argentinian Market, based on the Rambler Ambassador but modified exclusively to this country. It also was reliable. It might be hard to drive because it has the 380hp engine which is one of the fastest engines for this car.
    screenshot_2019-04-25_15-08-49.png screenshot_2019-04-25_15-09-26.png
    Fort Falkon Giha: Another sport car that is very common on the country, it has an Inline 6 and it's also RWD, it isn't hard to control as the Torino because the engine isn't at the top of the perfomance. The Falkon and the Torino are still used for races like the TC (Turismo Carretera).
    screenshot_2019-04-17_15-56-42.png screenshot_2019-04-17_15-56-55.png screenshot_2019-04-17_16-01-22.png

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