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Audi pack 1.0

A bunch of well made german cars, well atleast irl

  1. Fast1029384756J
    So basically a bunch of audi models, not gonna list them all but the pics should do some justice. this mod is probably the worst of any that i've made so far because none of the automation grills stick out so the new models don't have proper grills and the r8 is just bad, i'll update if somebody makes a proper r8 body and audi grill but have fun with it, and hopefully they drive similarly to the cars there based off not that i can actually test that.

    how to download:
    1: download the zip folder, it has the files in it
    2: put it in the mods folder
    3: extract the folder
    4: take the files for the cars out of the folder and put it in the mods folder
    5: delete all audi pack folders

    sorry for the janky download method but its the only way i've found that doesn't take a stupid amount of time


    1. 6.png
    2. 5.png
    3. 4.png
    4. 3.png
    5. 2.png
    6. 1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Wow! This is So cool! I love Audi!
    1. Fast1029384756J
      Author's Response
      thanks :)
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