Alpha Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.5.1

The Ibishu Covet, if it was made in France, and it was really small (My first and large mod)

  1. ibishucovet1987.txt
    Short description of the car
    Autron Petitron (or P1) is a small and simple French car based on a Ibishu Covet, it's mostly known in France as a car that can drive on narrow streets without any troubles, and it was a really cheap car to buy. It was released to consumers in middle of 1989, and it was a great opportunity for first time drivers, and for poor people.

    Naming explanation
    Autron company name was made by taking 3 letters from the Citroen name, and Automobile.
    Petitron also takes 3 letters from Citroen, and takes the word Petit (Small in French).

    Petitron or P1 - The original version of the car, sold in France, and world wide. Only LXM sold internationally with the name Petitron instead of P1. (1989 - 1999 for the original, 1996 - 2005 for the facelift)

    Inde - Indian version of the Petitron, includes short bumpers, 1.0L 3 Cylinder carburated engine, unfeatured dashboard and no tacho gauge cluster, and has only 2 configurations, a hatchback and van. (1996 - 2005)

    SportPower - Sporty version of the Petitron that includes a bit modified DOHC 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 liter engines. includes special bumpers, spoilers, and a special gauge cluster, has 4 configurations, SportC, SportS, SportL, and SportL Turbo. (1990 - 1999)

    Petitron-e or P1-e - Electric version of the Petitron. Avaliable in CM and SM configurations, includes electric parts, and a green themed gauge cluster. (1996 - 2005)

    History, and the development
    Autron appeared in 1978 as a company that makes the car engines, and electronics for the cars, their engines are very cheap, and simple to build, and with that, 3 years later, in 1981, they where popular in the motor and car electronic industry. Somewhere in 1985, Autron has partnered with Ibishu, because of this, Autron announced that they will build their first vehicle based on a Ibishu car, but they will make it smaller, cheaper, simple, and easy to understand, but for that, they need to wait for Ibishu to make the blueprints of the new vehicle that they planning to make in the future. In a late of 1986, Ibishu made the first blueprints of the new car named "Covet", and these blueprints has been copied, and sent to the Autron. After getting the blueprints, the development has started. The main things that changed, are the size of it, making it much shorter than the original Covet's size, different rear and front design, and different interior. The interior has minor changes, such as removing the rear seats for more space, no headrests on a seats to save costs, and the position of the center climate control vents. In 1988, 2 years of development and 1 year after the Ibishu Covet was released, Autron showed the concept car to the public named Autron PV1 (Petite Voiture). Later, they renamed the car to Petitron, and P1 for international markets, and in 1989, the car was released. In 1990, Autron made a version of the Petitron for the US market, and it has the wide bumpers, and different engine options. In the same year, Autron made the sport line up based on Petitron, called SportPower, it has 3 versions, SportC, SportS, and SportL, each one has DOHC version of the engine, but they are modified to be much powerful than the regular versions of Petitron, Only SportL had a turbo version and NA version, when the other 2 had only NA version. Autron in 1996 released Indian spec version of the car called Inde (India in French), this is the only version that had 3 Cylinder engine, and sold only in India of course. Autron Petitron ended its production in 2000, and 2005 for Inde, and Facelift, with the amount of sold over a 20 Million cars in total.

    This is my first mod that's not a config pack, or Automation export mod, i never made a mod like this in my life, and it's very satisfying to learn something new to me, and with that making something that my imagination can make. I started modding something based on Ibishu Covet on October of 2021, and i was making Cherrier H200 back then (those who are on official BeamNG discord server back then, you probably seen it), but it was like more a thing to learn how to mod things, how these things working and how to understand them, and after i finished making the Cherrier H200, i didn't released it, instead, i decided to work on a something major than just replacing the badge textures to the different ones, this time i decided to make something small, and on December 9th of 2021, i started making concepts for the new mod (you can take a look at one of the concepts below), that was originally planned to be a Japanese car, but instead, i made it French again, but instead of Cherrier, i decided to make the new brand, called Autron, and it's based on Renault, Aixam (google it), and Peugeot, and also based on my imagination. Even tho it's still a Covet clone, bootleg, whatever you want to call it, it is much customizable than a covet, i don't mean it has many bumpers, or 100 variations of the tailgate, i mean that it has separated parts from the body, such as dashboard, engine bay things, and other, and not also the body has separated parts, rear panel / fascia for example has separated badge, when the Covet one has it not separated. Since it's my "first" mod, i don't have high expectations for the good quality, or "dev" quality, hope you will understand me, and have a great day!

    Quick questions and quick anwsers
    Q: Why Autron, and not Cherrier?
    A: I like to make new brands, and i did that because Cherrier is kinda boring to me, and i made the new brand for this mod.

    Q: Is there RHD Dashboard?
    A: Yes, and couple of configs do use them, such as 2 Inde configs, and Custom JDM Stance config.

    Q: Will you add more engines?
    A: Yes, i will add more engines in the future.

    Q: Will you make RWD and AWD?
    A: I don't know really.

    Q: Do you like Minecraft?
    A: why this question is here.

    Q: Will be there some crazy stuff too?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Why there's no rear seats? Add them!
    A: It was removed for 2 reasons:
    Reason 1. To make the car cheaper, i did removed it for making it to save costs.
    Reason 2. without it, it will easily go drift, and this is why this car is fun, no rear seats = a lot of fun.

    Q: When you will add a UTE, or a Sedan / Wagon unibody?
    A: UTE may be in Autron Petitron if i would like to make it, but a Sedan or a Wagon station unibody is a big no-no, first of all, the size is not great to be a Sedan or a Wagon station, second, it's impossible to make a small car little bit longer to add 2 additional doors, that will ruin the whole idea of the car, and the naming too (Again, word Petit stands for Small in French.)

    BeamNG - For the amazing car Ibishu Covet that i love to this day, and used as a base for this mod.
    Some members from Kemro's discord server: design feedback and ideas.
    @Kemro: Helping me to translate some text from English to French for Gauge cluster
    Me: Everything else

    Discord server -
    Autron Petitron / Autron P1 Forums thread -

    Known Issues:
    -NOS bottle is clipping through the floor
    -Jbeam may be bad edited
    -No skin support (before 0.3)
    -Terrible UVs
    -1.0L 3 Cylinder uses the model of a 4 cylinder engine
    -Some Configs may be questinable, and some made with errors
    -No custom steering wheels for the RHD layout
    -No RHD Layout windshield wipers
    -Terrible modeling in some places
    -Some places aren't done well, or don't function properly
    -Electric engine is bouncing when accelerating (can't do anything on that sadly...)
    -And other minor things.

    Compare to Ibishu Covet:
    -Has most of the separated parts
    -Has more engine, transmission, and other parts options
    -Has more configs
    -Has RHD Interior (Optional)
    -More tuning parts
    -Already supports @JorgePinto's EU License Plates mod (link to the mod is here -
    -Based on the older Ibishu Covet from (AKA the last pre-remaster version)

    You can use Autron brand and the whole mod for editing, making your own car, and many many more, crediting me is optional.

    Have a good day!

    Pictures, videos, and other stuff
    screenshot_2022-01-02_15-12-34.png screenshot_2022-01-03_23-54-13.png screenshot_2022-01-06_21-36-03.png screenshot_2022-01-06_21-40-52.png screenshot_2022-01-06_21-49-52.png screenshot_2022-01-06_23-17-32.png screenshot_2022-01-07_11-26-27.png screenshot_2022-01-07_11-32-12.png screenshot_2022-01-07_11-44-51.png screenshot_2022-01-13_22-01-01.png screenshot_2022-01-13_22-15-25.png screenshot_2022-01-13_22-15-38.png screenshot_2022-01-13_22-37-44.png screenshot_2022-01-21_18-44-26.png screenshot_2022-01-21_19-36-06.png screenshot_2022-02-13_14-19-21.png screenshot_2022-01-21_19-36-19.png screenshot_2022-02-18_18-49-56.png screenshot_2022-01-24_18-06-59.png screenshot_2022-02-18_18-50-17.png screenshot_2022-01-25_14-59-37.png screenshot_2022-02-27_12-24-56.png screenshot_2022-02-27_12-25-12.png screenshot_2022-02-27_15-31-57.png screenshot_2022-02-27_15-32-07.png screenshot_2022-03-04_14-35-08.png screenshot_2022-03-04_14-35-29.png screenshot_2022-03-04_14-36-23.png screenshot_2022-03-06_09-59-28.png screenshot_2022-03-06_10-01-54.png Advert1PNG2.png screenshot_2022-03-06_10-07-11.png screenshot_2022-02-27_15-48-37.png screenshot_2022-03-06_10-14-01.png screenshot_2022-03-07_12-03-41.png screenshot_2022-01-28_12-42-51.png

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