Alpha Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2 Revision 2

The Ibishu Covet, if it was made in France, and it was really small (My first and large mod)

  1. Version 0.4 "Post Service, Police... Mr. Beam?"

    Update 0.4 adds 2 police and 1 gendarmerie cars, lightbar slot, and 5 more configurations. Technically, it is a 0.3 part two update, but it is okay to be 0.4 instead of 0.3.1.


    -Lightbar slot
    -Blue Beacon Light
    -5 New Skins
    -5 Configurations
    -Facelift Metric Gauge Cluster Logic

    If you have found a bug in this update, feel free to tell it in the forums thread of this mod (, and i will mark you in the changelogs, if i can.

    screenshot_2022-03-30_00-45-16.png screenshot_2022-03-29_23-25-42.png
    Screenshot7672.png Screenshot7676.png Screenshot7678.png
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