Alpha Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2 Revision 2

The Ibishu Covet, if it was made in France, and it was really small (My first and large mod)

  1. Version 0.4.2 "Traffic Police Fix, And support for JorgePinto's EU License Plate mod"

    Update 0.4.2 adds a support for the @JorgePinto's EU License Plates mod, and fixes an issue in all police configurations.


    -Support for the EU License Plate mod made by @JorgePinto (Get the mod here -
    -Police cars that are set as the traffic will not act as the Police car, instead it will act as a generic traffic car, this is fixed in this update.
    -USDM configurations now have "(North America)" in the names.

    Screenshot7731.png Screenshot7732.png
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