Alpha Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2 Revision 2

The Ibishu Covet, if it was made in France, and it was really small (My first and large mod)

  1. Version 0.5 "L'époque pré-Petitron... (The pre-Petitron era...)"

    Update 0.5 adds some stuff that expands the mod and making the PV1, or Petite Voiture as an actual thing! Along side them, there's also prototype cars, some of which are recreations of the developer configs that didn't appeared in it's first release of the Autron Petitron, such as SportL Based Electric Prototype.


    -Concept Interior (both LHD and RHD)
    -Concept Steering Wheel
    -Concept Front Fascia
    -Concept Tailgate letterings
    -Petite Voiture badge for the rear fascia
    -Painted variant of the rear fascia
    -Prototype Gauge Cluster (Only Metric)
    -7 Configurations
    -2 New Skin (PV1 skin, both in painted, and unpainted body trim)
    -Facelift Metric Gauge Cluster logic (again...)
    -1.9 DOHC i4 Engine Sound

    This update is a little bit lazy made, but still it's something rather keeping the mod to be literally forgotten. Hope you will like it in anyway!

    BeamNGdrivex642022-04-2118-15-06-971.png BeamNGdrivex642022-04-2118-15-17-599.png BeamNGdrivex642022-04-2118-16-02-898.png BeamNGdrivex642022-04-2118-16-12-262.png BeamNGdrivex642022-04-2118-16-26-351.png
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