Average Fuel Consumption

Calculates the fuel consumption to the traveled distance

  1. Fendar
    I started of taking the "Simple Trip" app as a starting point.
    I also transferred the UI programming to the app.html file, which made it easier to handle.

    At a reset this app will set the traveled distance to zero and store the current fuel level.
    Then it will simply calculate the fuel consumption by dividing the used fuel by the traveled distance.
    This makes the calculation stable and should be realistic to the point of taking all used fuel into account.

    There's a manual and automatic reset.
    Manually it can be reset by the symbol in the top left corner.
    Automatically it resets when the current fuel level is magically higher than the stored level (e.g. the car was reset).

    • Takes all used fuel into account.
    • Stays stable even when you stop.
    • Get's more average the longer you drive.
    • Math's go beautifully hilarious at the beginning when you haven't moved yet.
    • It can't detect the event of a car swap were the calculation goes wrong, when the new car has a smaller fuel capacity as the one before. (Simply do a manual reset!)


    1. AvgFuelConsumption2020-04-25.png

Recent Reviews

  1. GreenSeven
    Nothing appears when I insert this into the game ui
    1. Fendar
      Author's Response
      It's working on my side!
      I downloaded my own mod from the repo, to make sure it's the same what you use.
  2. Coverlos
    Works perfectly fine, now i am addict to do perfect L/Km
  3. Mr. Marbles
    Mr. Marbles
    does exactly what you expect. why isnt this in the normal game already?
  4. zschmeez
    This is fantastic! A while ago I tried poking through the game's built in trip computer to make it not essentially zero out when you stop moving, but I couldn't figure it out and just gave up. Super happy to see someone's actually figured it out!
  5. ByteGuy
    This is a truly excellent idea and something Beam has needed for a while. A must have in my opinion :D
  6. thegaming11
    can you do or update and add KM/L?
    1. Fendar
      Author's Response
      The units are set in the game settings, not in the app.
      The calculation is sort of done without units.
      So if you switch to MPG is should be correct.

      But maybe I could calculate an inverted result... but then again I would have to consider the 100km.
      I may test if there's a solultion for this.
  7. Jujudemetz
    In my case, no problem. Finally no consumption when stops!!
  8. jakelooker
    Brilliant idea, it gives a much better reading than the standard app.

    On my PC the screen only seems to update when I pause the game, not sure if that's intended?
    1. Fendar
      Author's Response
      Mmmm... no actually not.
      It should continuously update.

      It only stops the update right after the reset as long there is no traveled distance or we would have a division by zero.
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