Beta AWD Rally 200BX 420.69

xi remixed by cosMo@暴走P - FREEDOM DiVE[METAL†DIMENSIONS]

  1. Shiokarai
    This mod was made for the Modding for Dummies+BeamNG Gambler Challenge hosted by Blijo and BeamNG themselves. If you're looking to get into or better at modding, their discord is an awesome place with awesome members!

    There are two rally cars in Beam that have always felt... 'supreme' in terms of performance.
    Yes, the Cherrier and the Sunburst.
    But I, whatever my name is because I change it a lot, present something that looks better, sounds better, drives better, and is inherently cooler. because i said so.
    It may look like a 200BX, maybe even a lifted one. but this one's special.

    No, it's engine didn't get rotated 90 degrees. The entire car runs on Sunburst drivetrain components. the sad child of the 200BX and Sunburst dominate everything to ever come out of BeamNG.
    I present to you, the AWD Rally 200BX
    [insert cool dramatic rock music or something]

    The livery, made by a professional. A professional moron, anyways.

    There's nothing this car can't do. It's just that epic.

    dfgdgfdgfd.png dfgdgfdgfd.png dfgdgfdgfd.png
    Anyways, this mod features a full set of Sunburst drivetrain components on a custom tube chassis.
    There's also uhhhh

    • Roof Rack (+Extension and lightbar)
    • Extended Wheelbase Fenders/Bumpers (for both stock and widebody parts, and the front lip)
    • Tubular Rear Bumper
    • Cut Bumper + Tubular Bumper
    • Scooped Hood
    • Sport RS wing
    • RS badge
    • Amazing hand crafted livery
    • 4 Configs (Gambler 500, gymkhana, offroad, race)
    Note: You must select the 'MFD Unibody' in order to use the sunburst drivetrain parts.

    Known issues:

    • Intercooler can be a bit floppy.
    • Lightbar has iffy deformation/doesn't break
    • I honestly don't know please let me know about anything you find in the reviews, I will do my best to sort them!
    With school and the whole situation, I haven't had the most time or motivation to work on stuff. I didn't get to add everything I wish I had gotten to in this mod, but I hope you can enjoy it regardless! (its ok mom i have straight a+'s)

Recent Reviews

  1. YeetyBoe
    Version: 420.69
    with this you can basically become a finnish rally driver, recommended
  2. FalloutNode
    Version: 420.69
    good awd drift, good livery, good quality, good inserted dramatic rock music. i recommend every1 try version 420.69 of this kerr.
    1. Shiokarai
      Author's Response
      thanks mom
  3. lumbud84
    Version: 420.69
    tested it out on some offroad maps, it performs very well, great job!

    also funni freedom dive reference, I approve :>
    1. Shiokarai
      Author's Response
      894pp poggers!
  4. pingpong5
    Version: 420.69
    nice 690bx
    1. Shiokarai
  5. SanderCarGuy
    Version: 420.69
    this is just amazing!
    1. Shiokarai
      Author's Response
      ur amaz ing
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