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Beta Awesome Car Pack! 1.1

A Pack with 8 carefully crafted cars, That goes from Track eating Performance cars to Classic cars!

  1. Inline6lover26
    Obviously, replicas are not the only thing i do. And this pack is a proof of that.

    This pack haves 7 cars. It haves
    Rally Hatchbacks, Super-cars, Sport-sedans, And sport Coupes from the 80's and 10's.

    Imaginary/Non-Existent brands this pack haves (Currently)
    1. Besffusci
    2. Fascia
    3. Passetto (Also nicknamed as "4S") (Tuning Company)
    4. Galedur
    This pack is not done yet, Uhmm... Probably will have more than 25 cars when it's finished, or even more!
    Here's this pack's Current Car List:

    1. Besffusci Kresta 1.6 Rally (Number #997)
    2. Besffusci Gran Turismo KC7 40 "GT"
    3. Besffusci Gallo 1.7S
    4. Besffusci SJ40 "Touring"
    5. Besffusci Fidenze RS
    6. Passetto "4S" Atlas Stealth 4S (This car isn't actually mine, I just tuned it)
    7. Fascia Filozo GTS
    8. Galedur HyperNova RS (A concept car i made as a kid!)
    Cars that (Maybe) are coming soon:

    1. Fascia Filozo GTS Classic
    2. Fascia Griffoglio Manual
    3. Fascia Marina Quattrovalvole
    4. Passetto "4S" Le Mans
    5. GAMC Covrette
    6. Cobretti Vortex (Yup, from Split Second!)
    7. Jaffil M13
    Here you have some pictures of the cars:
    HighresScreenshot00025.png HighresScreenshot00026.png HighresScreenshot00027.png

    Filozo GTS (2017 Sports-car)

    HighresScreenshot00037.png HighresScreenshot00038.png HighresScreenshot00039.png
    Gran Turismo KC7 40 "GT" (2018 Sport-Coupe/Grand Tourer)

    HighresScreenshot00031.png HighresScreenshot00032.png HighresScreenshot00033.png
    Gallo 1.7S (1972 Sport-Sedan)
    HighresScreenshot00036.png HighresScreenshot00035.png HighresScreenshot00034.png
    Kresta 1.6 Rally (Number #997) (1972 Rally Car)
    HighresScreenshot00042.png HighresScreenshot00041.png HighresScreenshot00040.png
    Fidenze RS (1981 Sport-Coupe)
    HighresScreenshot00043.png HighresScreenshot00044.png HighresScreenshot00045.png
    SJ40 "Touring" (1952 Sport-Coupe)

    Passetto "4S"
    HighresScreenshot00030.png HighresScreenshot00029.png HighresScreenshot00028.png

    Atlas Stealth 4S (2012 Super-car)
    (The Original car was from an user from the automation forums called "MBT808", All i just did was tuning it and improving the aesthetics.)


    HighresScreenshot00000.png HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.png
    Galedur Hypernova RS (2014 Hypercar)

    Anyways, Have fun with these!

    (Also, stay tuned for more updates, and the "VG's Generic Real Life Replica Car Pack" that'll be a revival of my old replica packs, with even more content!

    Please leave a rating if you enjoyed this!

    (ALSO, if you have any problem with the mod files. PLEASE dont leave a negative rating! Just message me on the discussion tab and i'll see what i can do. Thanks for reading this!)

Recent Updates

  1. Added New Car + changed Car thumbnails

Recent Reviews

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 1.0
    Its BEAUTIFUL! Especially the Stealth 4s! And the Fidenze RS! Theyre freaking maetrpieces
    1. Inline6lover26
      Author's Response
      Thanks dude! I spent hours on it to make it a true joy to drive.
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