Beta B-Series Off-Road Semi 3.5.1

An amazing all wheel drive big rig

  1. ItsYourBoi
    I just made an Instagram account, I'll be posting screenshot of wip mods and stuff if y'all wanna see. It's : itsyourboi.beamng


    The Off-Road HeavyDuty Big Rig
    screenshot_2020-07-23_15-23-41.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-23-48.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-24-09.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-24-15.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-24-42.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-24-49.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-22-50.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-22-58.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-23-08.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-23-14.png
    Has a all-wheel-drive system with multiple locking differential and
    transfer case

    screenshot_2020-05-12_15-06-37.png screenshot_2020-05-12_15-06-55.png screenshot_2020-05-12_15-05-58.png screenshot_2020-07-22_18-08-25.png screenshot_2020-07-22_18-08-31.png screenshot_2020-11-23_21-21-11.png screenshot_2020-11-23_21-21-39.png

    3 Engines
    -I6 18.1L (2696lb-ft@1400rpm)
    -V12 27L (3876lb-ft@1400rpm)
    -V12 32L (4548lb-ft@1400rpm)

    8 Transmission (Some can be Ranged for playing with a wheel and shifter)
    -10-Speed Eaton Fuller Automatic
    -6-Speed Allison 5000 Series Automatic
    -18-Speed Eaton Ultrashift VXP Automated Manual
    -11-Speed Eaton Ultrashift VMS Automated Manual
    -12-Speed Cummins Endurant HD Automatic
    -12-Speed Detroit DT12-VX Manual
    -13-Speed Eaton RT-13 Manual
    -18-Speed Eaton RT-18 Manual

    Trailers Load
    iyb_concrete_flatbed_42000kg.jpg iyb_concrete_wood_flatbed_22500kg.jpg iyb_construction_23000kg.jpg iyb_exclavator_60000kg.jpg iyb_general_supply_20000kg.jpg iyb_haybale_8800kg.jpg iyb_mining_30000kg.jpg iyb_shacks_25000kg.jpg iyb_steel_pipes_concrete_33500kg.jpg iyb_weaponry_11500kg.jpg iyb_wood_steel_pipes_19000kg.jpg
    Multiple configs for street and off-road

    bseries_6wd_winter.png bseries_8wd_destroyer.png bseries_8wd_firetruck.png bseries_8wd_military.png bseries_8wd_oversize.png bseries_8wd_twinsteer.png bseries_10wd_mining.png bseries_10wd_power_oversize.png bseries_4wd_crawler.png bseries_4wd_recover.png bseries_6wd_long_offroad.png bseries_6wd_mining.png bseries_6wd_offroad.png bseries_6wd_road.png screenshot_2020-07-23_15-26-36.png

    Wonderful looking screenshots

    screenshot_2020-11-23_21-00-50.png screenshot_2020-11-23_21-07-24.png screenshot_2020-11-23_21-11-53.png screenshot_2020-11-23_21-14-38.png


    Made with me and my computer

    Recommended mods:
    Dirty license plate

    Québec license plateébec.8310/

    Other good mods: By @ADAM001 By @Dyghaun By @hog0005 By @XxPROSEAL200xX By @Reactor_4aec By @torsion By @James2406

    Maps: By @ADAM001 By @Ghost187 By @primo3001 By @Straubz By @Ouerbacker By @runnertyler By @bob.blunderton

    I'm sure I forgot or don't know other good mods. You can tell me about them in a dm or in the discussion tab if one day I get one.

    Would sure do appreciate support :)

Recent Reviews

  1. TheSomething
    Version: 3.5.1
    I love this Western Star inspired truck. It faster than T Series and this is good. The most cool truck (Tank) is also made for military? 5 star
  2. Sand2627501
    Version: 3.5.1
    i downloaded this mod and i am not hearing the brake sound
  3. theuniquefrog
    Version: 3.5.1
    love the truck love everything but on the trailer i didn't get any more loads?
    is that like added with it?
  4. Shadows
    Version: 3.5.1
    Its really cool you're still updating this mod, nice one as always.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks really appreciate it!!! I'll never let my good mods die
  5. stancegods
    Version: 3.5
    awesome mod, but the trailers are nowhere to be found, and that makes the mod kinda boring...
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      They are supposed to be in right now!
  6. Nekkit
    Version: 3.5
    Its a great mod, but it really does need a pbr update. Also i believe there is an issue with fps drops while using it, i get a drop from 160 to 90 fps when i spawn it in instead of another vehicle, it doesnt seem to be an issue with lack of cpu power, but most likely some outdated stuff in jbeam is causing that.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Yeah I fixed that problem, I'll be posting the update soon. It's because I had a jake brake script and it just doesn't work with the new update so it just constantly puts error and make the game lag.
  7. WarEthe
    Version: 3.5
    I've used this mod for a while, and let me tell you it is awesome.

    pbr thumbnails and flatbed loads when
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks! happy to hear that! and yeah I forgot to add the loads xd. The update for ther load is coming pretty soon it just needs approvals from the moderators.
  8. xpogosam
    Version: 3.5
    incredibly well done mod. Such a great addition to the game, as with all of your mods haha. One issue with this update is that I don't see the additional loads for the trailers either. tried reinstalling and clearing cashe but didnt help
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks really appreciate it! yeahhh I forgot to put them in the files...
  9. erikv82
    Version: 3.5
    Very capable offroader!

    Two annoying things:

    No high performance radiator: The thing overheats like a mf when doing heavy loads

    If the fueltanks could be on the location of the sleeper, that would be so good for ground clearance.

    That being said: still good.
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. 2004AudiA41.8T6Spd
    Version: 3.5
    Great mod! Question though, how do you switch gearbox ranges on a g920 with a shifter?
    1. ItsYourBoi
      Author's Response
      In the controls settings of the games, you can make a button do one range box and the other button do the second range box
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