Barstow Convertible 2019-08-17

Adds an open version to the existing fastback muscle car

  1. Update '19, new Thumbnails and reworked Configs

    Time for an update. New Thumbnails for reworked configs.
    Everything is back sorted and should look like this: (if you have no other configs then stock and convertible)
    Be sure to delete old mod versions
  2. Updated Thumbnails

    New Thumbnails, thanks to the person who made the new Generator.
    They look like the official ones now.
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  3. Jbeam, added parts and random fixes

    -finally jbeamed rollcage,... sort of
    -added front guard to Dirt Racer config
    -added rear spoiler to Kingsnake config
    -new thumbnails for some configs
    -random fixes

    again: don't reupload and don't download elsewhere, stolen versions of this mod are on Worldofmods or Modsgaming or etc. and they are full of Virus
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  4. Made it safer, but not too much, it's from 70s

    -added rollcage back (still a bit glitchy-ish-y at crash)
    -removed windowfree left door jbeam (thanks to @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL )
    -added more beams to body for rigidity
    yellow - old
    blue - new
  5. removed unused coding

    ... from doors and body
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