Alpha Bastion Pack 0.1

A number of upgrades to the new Bruckell Bastion

  1. AkaShaadow
    This mod for the Bruckell Bastion adds a new engine, better brakes, better tires, a better radiator, and a new 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.


    A 10L V8 based on the 6.5L V8 already in the game for the car (mostly the torque curve multiplied by 1.5. (10/6.5=1.5) But towards the top it starts to lose a bit of power. It can rev to 8300 rpm though the ecus in the game will only allow 7500 rpm. The block is basically indestructible.

    Stock and naturally aspirated it produces about 740 hp and 970 Nm (715 ft-lb) of torque.

    With the twin turbos it's capable of 2800 hp and 3350 Nm (2470 ft-lb) of torque and with Nos you can get 3500 hp and 4550 Nm (3280 ft-lb) of torque.

    With the stage 3 supercharger you can get 1350 hp and 1720 Nm (1270 ft-lb) of torque.


    It's a 7-Speed DCT based on the 8-Speed Automatic.

    The last 2 gears are slightly longer to compensate for the lost gear in comparison to the 8-Speed Automatic.


    The tires are for the 20x11 Bruckell Race Wheels.

    They have about 30% more grip, than the race compound has.


    The brakes are a lot stronger.


    The radiator has a higher efficiency, more area, and a higher coolant volume, which should help keep the 10L V8 cool.

    Thanks for considering my mod, I hope you'll enjoy it.

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  1. Lotiom
    Version: 0.1
    this is op!
    1. AkaShaadow
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