Beta BeamMP - BSports Map 0.24

The map for the BeamMP BSports events which are coming soon!

  1. BeamMP | BSports
    The first specifically designed and crafted map dedicated for multiplayer on BeamMP.


    Created by JOSHERS and graciously tested by Emily, The Originators and the BeamMP Team.

    If you like the map, consider buying JOSHERS a coffee here:

    Also a thank you to the BeamNG Team for producing a high quality simulation game and for providing some of the assets & models.

    You can test the map in multiplayer by direct connecting to:

    You can copy the address and port above and then click paste on the direct connect page.


    1. airstrip.png
    2. airstrip2.png
    3. baja1.png
    4. baja2.png
    5. beach.png
    6. bigbanker.png
    7. BSports_Playground_preview.png
    8. busstop.png
    9. derbyarea.png
    10. dirtdrag.png
    11. dirtduel1.png
    12. dirtduel2.png
    13. dirtoval1.png
    14. dirtoval2.png
    15. dirttrack1.png
    16. dirttrack2.png
    17. driftingarea.png
    18. emerycomplex.png
    19. figure8dirt.png
    20. fuelstation.png
    21. gokarttrack.png
    22. hocker.png
    23. infieldtrack.png
    24. largeoval.png
    25. longjump.png
    26. megaramp.png
    27. minicircuit.png
    28. monstertrucktrack.png
    29. mudbog.png
    30. offroadarea.png
    31. preppeddrag1.png
    32. preppeddrag2.png
    33. roadcourse1.png
    34. rx1.png
    35. rx2.png
    36. sandyriver.png
    37. sandyriver2.png
    38. shorttrack.png
    39. sixlanedrag.png
    40. skyfall.png
    41. smalloval.png
    42. soccar.png
    43. sumopit.png
    44. superspeedway.png
    45. thebumps.png
    46. topgrandstands.png
    47. towerblue.png
    48. towerred.png
    49. toweryellow.png
    50. woodsrace.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. CodStomper06
    Version: 0.24
    This map has the most potential to be the best map to ever be created in this games past, present, and future the only thing I can find that this map is missing is single player A.I racing support for the tracks but besides that this map is perfection.
  2. tylerbandfield
    Version: 0.24
    best in history
  3. demolitionderbyA1
    Version: 0.24
    10/10 best map in the game
  4. Mandjaro
    Version: 0.24
    This is the best map that has ever been created !
  5. The Originators
    The Originators
    Version: 0.24
    Quite clearly this is a labor of love. The attention to detail for the lights, greenery, and roads is pretty insane. On top of that, the map is massive, with something for everyone. Crawling, hill climbs, asphalt tracks, dirt tracks, ovals, and the list goes on. After taking part in some multiplayer events to test it out, I can definitely say it’s the best map for BeamNG I have ever played!
  6. JamesM3E36
    Version: 0.24
    has something for everyone, fun for racing and whatever.
  7. Mullayho
    Version: 0.24
    The best map I've seen in game yet
  8. redbeard711
    Version: 0.24
    simply amazing, not as good as the toast mod but still amazing
  9. pyrrha_nikos2k16
    Version: 0.24
    I've been waiting for this map for the entirety of 2021 and now that i can finally play it, i can safely say it's met all my expectations. Great work!
  10. Sithhy™
    Version: 0.24
    The year hardly started & this already is a top map of the year. I can't believe how good it is; has almost everything you would want from such a map
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