Alpha BeamRentals Pack 1.2

Rent Anything with Beam Rentals

  1. EarthSpace
    Beam Rentals was founded in 1976 by a man that worked for the company"FedEx" but he had a dream to make a company of his own and he made it is Beam Rentals!

    v1.0 - Release
    v1.1 & 1.2 - Selector and hotfix update

    Current Vehicles:

    and I know my storytelling isn't that good.

    BeamRental.jpg BeamRentals2.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. The Selector Update and Hotfix 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. joogie (blake)
    joogie (blake)
    Version: 1.2
  2. jecoyud1905
    Version: 1.2
    son: mom i want a car
    mom: ok
    mom: i want a car pls
    car owner: u can rent
    mom: thx
    car owner: use it until 12 march 2022
    mom: here ur new car
    son: thx mom
    son: *change engine to sport*
    (later at march 12 2022)
    mom: *gives car back dont realize the car engine is sport*
    mom: here sir
    car owner: ok thx!
    car owner: *uses car*
    car: *goes fast like a thunder*
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