Beater Pack 1.12

Simple pack with blown engines for all included cars and more.

  1. NERDBUG96
    This pack has blown engines for every included BeamNG vehicle. I took the smallest/least powerful engine of each fuel type for every included vehicle and added blown head gaskets, rod knock, and other similar engine damage. Some of the cars also got rusty skins to go with the blown engine. I also decided to include my pack of 5 rusty and faded Wisconsin license plates. (Apportioned, B Light Truck, Bus, Car and XD Truck. You can find more information on my Wisconsin Plate Pack HERE: All plate numbers contained in this pack are randomly generated, and any similarity between the plate numbers in this pack and any real currently or previously registered Wisconsin license plate is entirely coincidental.)

    I can do mods or more of the stock engines, if people want me to do that

    Beater2.jpg Beater3.jpg Beater4.jpg Beater5.jpg Beater6.jpg Beater7.jpg Beater8.jpg Beater9.jpg Beater10.jpg Beater11.jpg Beater12.jpg Beater13.jpg Beater14.jpg Beater15.jpg Beater60Diesel.jpg BeaterBoxDiesel.jpg
    BeaterDiesel.jpg BeaterI62.jpg BeaterI63.jpg BeaterI6.jpg BeaterSedan.jpg BeaterWagon.jpg Beater.jpg BlownDieselEngine2.jpg BlownDieselEngine.jpg BlownEngine2.jpg BlownEngine3.jpg BlownEngine4.jpg BlownEngine5.jpg BlownEngine6.jpg BlownEngine.jpg

    Known Issues- Currently doesn't support the new covet.

    Me- Wrecking all the engines, License plates, some rust skins
    (The rust skins aren't perfect by any standard, but I think they go with the nasty blown head gasket exhaust. You can choose not to use them if you don't like them.)
    DarkJoney- ETK I-Series Rust Skin
    BeamNG- Original Engines, included old paint skins

    Version 2 with reworked engines, improved rust skins, and more coming sometime in the future.

Recent Reviews

  1. soveitchicken
    Version: 1.12
    this is a remake from the beater pack but anyways can you make some part of the car falling apart
    1. NERDBUG96
      Author's Response
      Like make the configs have parts missing? Yes I can do that. I currently don't know how to make dented or damaged parts, but I can remove some parts from the configs.
  2. QuiteClothy
    Version: 1.12
    Please add info files for each config, also please make the custom made rust skins pbr. Also could you make the engines have worse performance? (more dynamic friction, more friction, more intertia) the engines just have the head gasket and connecting rods overwrite and that's it.
    1. NERDBUG96
      Author's Response
      I sincerely apologize for the low mod quality, I'm working on improving the skins and engines right now.
  3. TMccanna
    Version: 1.11
    great mod though the skins are a bit crappy
    1. NERDBUG96
      Author's Response
      Yes, I’m no skin artist lol
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